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Best Baby Carriers

Friday, January 4th, 2008

picture-9.pngSo there’s no need to read consumer reports on different baby carriers. After my husband and I went through several, we settled on the Ergo Baby. We tried Native Carrier, the lastest lumbar-support version of Baby Bjorn, and also used the Moby Wrap for a while.

New Native Carrier:

Pros: small, portable, easy to fold and stuff in bag, not much to wash

Cons: hurts your shoulder after a while, one-sided, and only fits a certain frame size.

The bottom line is that if you and your husband vary in height and most likely torso length by more than 3-6 inches, you need to buy two sling-style New Native carriers for each of you.

Baby Bjorn

Pros: Adjustable, and can be used by more than one person’s frame size, some shoulder support, easy to get baby in and out.

Cons: I had major upper body pain from this carrier, all the weight is on your shoulders, with no weight transfered to your hips, the black colored one gets really hot in the summer

Moby Wrap

Pros: One of the least expensive, lots of elasticity which replicates life in the womb, can be tied for front, back and side carrying, can be used with twins, can be adjusted for all sized-people.

Cons: It’s a big long piece of cloth, so it’s always dragging on the ground in public places while you are getting it on. Can be hot in the summer, since it is thick, stretchy fabric.

Ergo Baby: Yeah, hands down the winner as best carrier

Pros: Pretty easy to get on, and get baby in it, extra pockets for keys and wallet, extra safety features and straps in case a closure fails, comes in different colors which stays cooler, lots of shoulder and back support to transfer weight to your hips so you can bear it for hours.

Cons: You have to pay even more money for this infant insert in order for a newborn to fit into the carrier

The Ergo Baby Carrier is by far the best, with the Moby Wrap coming in second. However the Moby Wrap gets hotter, has stretchy fabric which can sag alot when your baby gets bigger, and drags on the ground as you are putting it on.

My husband went hiking for hours with our baby with Ergo Baby Carrier and loved it.

Max first Tooth and other News

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

A lot has happened during the last 7 days. Most importantly Max’s first tooth arrived. It just peeked out yesterday. It is one of the lower incisors. On Friday Max visited our new family doctor. Dr. Nishimura did a basic check-up and everything is OK. Luckily there were no shots required this time. Max weights now 9.5 kg (about 21 lb) and is 74 cm (29 inches) long.

On Monday Karen started to work as a Services Marketing Manager at VMWare. Max is staying during the day with Victoria and his buddy Lukas.

On Saturday Max, his godfather Andre, Karen and Matthias went shopping in San Francisco. While Karen was trying clothing at the new Barney’s New York store Max had fun with Andre.
Max, Andre and Matthias

Feeling Miserable Today

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Yesterday Max had a doctor’s appointment and got his third round of vaccinations. Four shots in his legs. Today he is very tired, his legs hurt and he has a light fever of 100 degrees.
On a positive note Max is growing and both his weight and his height is about average for his age (nearly 7 months). He now weights 18 pounds (8.1 kg) and is 26 inches (66 cms).
Here a photo from happier times…
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Having Fun with Max

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Max is always up for fun. In this video he makes funny noises with his mouth.

Here is another funny video with Max laughing out loud when I shake my head.

Max Takes a Bath

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Max loves water. He likes to relax in the bath tub.

We also went with Max to the YMCA Pool in Palo Alto. Last time he played for 20 minutes with us in the water.

Max Sleeps through the Night

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Well I haven’t posted for a long time. A newborn baby is a lot of work and so many things happened during the last three months.
Max got baptized on February 4th in the Stanford Memorial Church.
Proud Parents with newly baptized Max

The grandparents from Germany visited us for two weeks and we visit the grandparents in Alameda a lot. A couple of weeks ago Max started to see Victoria in the afternoon, our family day care help.

But most importantly Max has been sleeping through the night for the last three days (from 9:00pm to 7:30am). We are very proud of him!